About Us


The Snoqualmie Falls Lodge® was built in 1916 atop one of the most majestic sites in the Pacific Northwest – its namesake Snoqualmie Falls.

Originally, the lodge included eight guest rooms and a restaurant that fed and rested weary travelers on their way to or from the mountain pass. In 1936, Orville and Lallah Graves took ownership of the lodge and started serving the now “World Famous Farm Breakfast®.” Grandma Lallah would wake up at 3:30 every morning and make biscuit and pancake mixes from scratch for the day.

Thanks to Lallah’s renowned home cooking, the 125-seat restaurant was always packed. For passersby on holidays, seating was almost impossible to come by (the restaurant was often sold out weeks in advance). The restaurant and location became so famous, it was even featured in Life Magazine’s “Roadside Inns and Their Fine Food” in the summer of 1957. Guests loved the food so much that many wanted to make it at home. In the 1940’s, Orville and Lallah started packaging both the biscuit and pancake mix. Snoqualmie Falls Lodge mixes were born! To this day, our mixes are made with the same wholesome ingredients and love that Grandma Lallah created them with over 80 years ago.